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Swedish Massage

All of us are different so it is important to have many tools available so as to treat each person uniquely and specifically.  At Tap Intuit Massage Therapy each person is respected as an individual.  When I receieve bodywork and energywork I like to know that the therapist is focused on me and present during my session, staying open to gathering all the information that my body and energy are making available to them.  This ultimately results in provididng a more well rounded treatment and holistic approach.  My intention is to stay open for my clients, following the giudance that they themselves are providing tome so that I may give each one of you the best session possible.  The pressure ranges from deep to very subtle, the pace from quick and stimulating to very slow.  There is an entire spectrum available for the ultimate care of each person.  Specific modalities include Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Reiki Therapy, and Craniosacral Therapy.  Benefits may include deep relaxation,  an experience of deep peace and connectedness, pain decrease as well as relief, joint mobility and soft tissue release, release from "knots" and increase in range of motion.  These therapies can also greatly assist in healing from surgery and physical and emotional trauma.